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dog training classes in mansfield


Puppies and Beginners.  


All breeds welcome upto 6 months old                  


69.00 for a 6 week block course lasting up to an hour each week.


Essential exercises include


Getting your dogs Attention


Techniques to prevent pulling on the lead


How to stop your dog Jumping up


Successful Recalling of your dog


Teaching self control


Teaching your dog to Wait


Leave it and much more                                                          




Find out how your dog learns,


how to use rewards correctly


and the importance of trust.

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FEES are discretionally refundable / they are non transferable.

Adolescent class    minimum 6 months old


This course is to help owners who may not have been able to take

their dog to a puppy class or for those who have a teenage dog

who seems to have forgotten(?) what to do.


69.00 for 6 weeks


The class is open to anyone though it is not suitable

for dogs that bark (a lot) at other dogs (see 121 training).


Training will include;


Your listed problems as put on the application form      


Increased outdoor training


Intro scent / nosework


Distraction training


Loose lead walking  


Improving general responses  


Recall and paying attention