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Class Information.


Puppies and Beginners.  All breeds welcome.                    


This is an 6 week block course for an hour each week.


You will learn essential exercises that include


Getting your dogs Attention

Techniques to prevent pulling on the lead

How to stop your dog Jumping up

Successful Recalling of your dog

Teaching self control

Teaching your dog to Wait

Leave it and much more                                                          



You will find out how your dog learns,

how to use food and other rewards correctly

and the importance of play.






Intermediate Level    


These courses develop further the skills learned from course one

where you and your dog will learn greater duration and accuracy.

This is not formal obedience work but gives an insight

in how to progress to the next stage in building both you

and your dogs confidence.


*OPEN TO ANYONE with a basic level of skills

Please call to register your interest.


Further skills include;      

increased outdoor training.                                                                          

intro scent/nosework

distraction training

distance contol/emergency stop                                      

quicker responses                  

paying attention on the move                                                    

introducing Agility/Rally O

03dec 022 C scent